Here's what you should know about Seaworthy Strategy

Our mission is to drive the most effective business growth in the cannabis industry. We use a powerful, results-driven, human approach to thrill our people with the meaningful outcomes they dream of.

Our core values:

Core Value Humility
Core Value Honesty
Core Value Perseverance
Core Value Empathy
Core Value Respect
Core Value Accountability


Our priorities, in order:

Our team members and their families

Our clients

Our communities


Company Priorities

Meet Our Team

Karson Bree (Creative Director)

Karson is the driving creative force behind Seaworthy's marketing strategy. Her years of experience as a designer and production manager have given her a keen eye for tasteful, iconic design. She works tirelessly to create the most positive and productive experience for our clients that she can.

Ryan Drake (Director of Social Media and Content)

Ryan is the beating heart behind Seaworthy's social media efforts, ads, and content creation. His 5+ years of agency experience are vital to the campaigns we run for our clients. He's ahead of the curve and works to keep his skills sharp and his copy strong.

Stefani Heller (Operations Director)

Stefani keeps Seaworthy's projects and operations running like clockwork. She's a huge ally for our clients (and their deadlines), and she's the engine that keeps us powering through. She also brings a rich experience in contract law and in client management that we couldn't do without. 

Jacob Mann

Jacob started Seaworthy Strategy in November of 2019. He has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing, business consultation, and account management, and his passion for running through walls to get the job done gets him up every morning.


Our Ideology

Our goal

is to be good and transparent stewards of our money so that we can serve our team, our clients, and our communities in meaningful ways.


the right play early on.

We don’t

get hung up on the small stuff, but we don’t ignore it either.

We’re not competing

against each other or organizations. We’re competing with the status-quo.

Mental health

is as real and as impactful as any physical ailment. We’re open about how we feel and what we need to foster a healthy state of mental wellness.

A solid relationship

is often the difference between success and failure - we strive for internal and external relationships that go beyond vanilla pleasantries.

We embrace

honest and constructive feedback. This is how we get better, and without it, it’s how we fall behind.

We strive

to balance our dreaming hearts with our working hands: “Head in the clouds, feet in the dirt.”

We have

to be flexible.

We don’t want

unhappy clients, and we don’t want unhappy team members.

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