Marketing + Sales

Attract your target audience by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.

Connect with your prospects and your customers.

Create content that earns their trust and loyalty to create life-long customers and ambassadors.



Bring your target audience to your brand with engaging, authoritative content.



Engage your leads and personalize conversations to build authority and boost sales



Stay engaged to turn customers into ambassadors who will send more customers your way.

Digital marketing. . .the Inbound way.

Growing your cannabis brand by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, customers, and partners.

Develop a strong online presence for your cannabis brand and showcase your industry expertise. We position you as a trusted source for resourceful and compelling information for your visitors and help you generate more leads.

Consistently engage your target audience and drive awareness of your Cannabis brand and products or services. We leverage the benefits of social media to help you build a robust network of fans... loyal and eager to buy from you. 

Direct and optimized promotional messages for your prospective audience and consumers. We help to nurture your leads by targeting, testing and delivering of valuable information and updates, improving brand loyalty and increasing your sales. 

Publish consistent and promotional content through online platforms and digitally accessible programs. We harness the power of reaching your prospects and consumers where they spend the majority of their time online, helping to guide them into and through your buyers journey. 

Achieving your business goals and objectives by implementing continuous, interval strategy planning. We map the creation, delivery and governance of your content, making you front and center in serving the needs of your target audience.

Plan, execute, track and analyze your collective marking initiatives and channel performance. We launch campaigns through multiple vehicles, using varied assets and help to unveil your product or brand as the solution to specific problems for your potential buyers.


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CRM + Sales Enablement

Your website becomes stronger and better, growing and scaling along with your business.

Using technology for managing the interactions and relationships between your brand and your prospects and customers. We help you improve business relationships, stay connected, streamline processes and increase your profitability.

Establish trust, bring in new leads and ensure stability for your brand through consistent, cohesive and educational messaging. We use the dynamics of the internet to engage your audience with resourceful content and delivered on the right platforms.

Establishing processes and systems to enable your brand to perform marketing and sales tasks effectively. We capitalize on the potency of scalable and integrated technology to help with lead generation and nurturing, saving you time and money while you grow in size and complexity.

Collect and analyze metrics to uncover useful, actionable data about your business efforts. We help you draw insightful conclusions to inform future decisions and strategies for meeting your overarching marketing, sales and growth goals.

Partners + Tools


Marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM — plus incredible customer support — all in one platform.


An email marketing platform for contact management, data analysis, and beautifully designed campaigns.


A comprehensive set of tools — not just a search engine — to improve business operations, run ads, and more.

Seaworthy has been an integral part of our growth. They have helped us refine not only our marketing strategy but our entire workflow and sales pipeline!

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