The Fuel for Our Fire

For the most part, marketing agencies are all using the same playbook.

So why do clients like some agencies and dislike others? And why are there so few agencies to like?

At Seaworthy we have two priorities: the experience we create for our clients, and the experience we create for our internal team. Every problem we face comes back to those two things.

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A marketing agency should be your hero.

They should fully understand your business before you sign. They should bring the firepower to turn your big hopes into results. Their team should be excited about what you’re doing, excited about their job, and excited to get results.

It’s not about who has the best idea or the best developers or the best strategy. You need those things, yes; but at the end of the day, as an agency, our job is to be accountable and reliable. It’s almost impossible to do that in the traditional agency structure.

That’s our goal. We’re an outcome-oriented marketing agency that creates the best experience for our clients, not a traditional agency model.

We want to prove that a marketing agency experience can be not just good, but great.

Our compass guides everything we do.

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Sail Together

Put people first. Find the right fit. Row together. Buy into relationships. Be respectful. We’re human. We’re all worthy of love, and life is hard. Grow together.

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Be Relentless

Grab the rope. Be decisive. Be confident. Find the solution. Consistency beats intensity. The root problem is the enemy, not people.

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Be Great, Not Just Good

Get results. Get addicted to details. Excellence is the expectation. Be an experience advocate. You’re going to fail. That means you're growing.

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Be Authentic

Be accountable. Be honest. Be humble. Be kind. Don't be an asshole. Don’t engage with toxicity. Redirect your anger to solving the problem.

Meet the team.

Jacob Headshot

Jacob Mann

Owner, Head of Growth

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Bobbie Morgan

Project Manager

Jaime Headshot

Jaime Russell

Marketing Specialist

Cash Headshot

Cash Wheeler

Lead Designer

Ben Headshot

Ben Edison

MarTech Specialist

Heather Headshot

Heather Ellison

Accounting and HR